Thursday, May 10, 2012

Breakout Kings: The Complete First Season

The thing about this show is that I had no intention of watching it.  That is until I found out that one of my all time TV favorites was one of the stars.  Domenick Lombardozzi of HBOs the Wire.  He can pull of cop with enough charisma for some serious laughs.  Jimmi Simpson also is a great up and coming comic relief character actor (before long he will be a that guy).  Reading about the show I didn't exactly know what to expect, off course this is meant to be so one should watch, which I did...

The storyline is very simple. A squad of U.S. marshals team up with cons (former fugitives) to work together on tracking down prison escapees in exchange for getting time off their sentences.  It’s an easy premise for a show to run a long time.

Expecting a bit of prison break meets white collar, where we also meet a convicted con man to help the FBI, this first episode was a bit of a cooler: Where on earth can you release a bunch of tough criminals and expect them to help like they did. Extreme smart persons; no chains, no bracelets, complete strangers to each other who team up in minutes...

However the first season is excellent setup, it just needs to be developed a bit more.  This show could move into something a lot more than just crushing the cons and expecting the audience to feel good about it.  Most episodes feel very similar. Somebody breaks out, they come up with a list of places that person might be going and then they catch him.

Do I dislike this show? No.  Do I like the show? No.  Ill watch it if there is noting else on at that particular time of day but I will not go out of my way to watch it.

Breakout Kings: The Complete First Season can be purchased at and more.

I received product for this review. All opinions are my own 

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